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Luke Schembri Core Activation and Warm Up Program


Get access to the SECRETS used by an IFBB pro to create a rock-hard core & warm up routine to get maximum results in the gym.

Core activation and strengthening exercises – Increase your power & strength through a stronger, more active core.

Putting your back into extension regularly and the benefits – Uncover the secrets behind strengthening your back & the benefits it brings to your workouts.

Different forms of planks to switch on your Core Pre-workout – Have your core fired up & ready to train with these methods.

Glute activation exercises – Learn how to truly strengthen your glutes so you can see the gains you make in your squats & deadlifts.

Abdominal activation exercises – Have your abdominals firing through every exercise & make serious growth in minimal time.

The “hip hinge” and important learning ques – Unlock the hidden power of the hips.

Chair squats in front of a wall – the fastest & easiest way to perfect your deadlift and squat.

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