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At Schembri PT we do not focus on “Weight Loss” but rather “Body Recomposition” including body fat reduction and increasing your lean muscle mass. The difference between the two approaches is how you will look once you have reached your goal and how you are able to maintain your results afterwards. Weight loss programs focus on dropping body weight where as our programs are tailored to improving your overall body composition.

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Body Recomposition Program



Males or females who want to improve body compostition by decreasing overall body fat and increasing lean muscle mass, improve overall fitness or simply lead a healthier lifestyle
Those with a busy lifestyle
Those who need structure and accountability
Shift workers or those in Emergency Services or FIFO
Stay at home parents who exercise from home
Those who do not know HOW or WHERE to start
Those who are looking to improve health increase energy and become a more confident and happier version of themselves.


Customised Training Programs to suit you, your lifestyle, current circumstances and commitments
A dedicated coach to provide guidance and support throughout the whole program
Simple meal plans the whole family can follow
Easy to follow training programs
Access to our team of relevant allied professionals
Become a member of the SchembriPT Community
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I Have recently started being coached by Marika and I am very much impressed. Marika really takes the time and effort to get to know all your wants/needs/goals to create a program that is just right. Something I really have loved is the video feedback! So detailed and you can tell that the schrembi team really care about their clients and helping them achieve their goals. I am so so grateful for the input/guidance. Thank you !!
Jordie Genc
Great service, replies in a quickly and consistently with great info, very knowledgeable!!
Constantino Kokkinidis
Literally turned my life around
Brayden Minter
Wow!! Schembri PT and the dynamic duo behind it are just great do deal with. Would highly recommend these guys on all services they provide. Faultless on all levels. ?
George Elias
Luke and marika are awesome, they keep you motivated,honest and accountable. They push you to be better physically and mentally. They’re knowledge and expertise is amazing. The group of professionals they have to support them as well is world class . But most of all they are genuine, and caring individuals who work with individuals creating custom life changing plans based around the individual’s . Thank you Luke and Marika
brad crossman
I have been coached my Marika for over 6 months and did my first bikini Comp with her. I have learnt so much! I highly recommend Schembri PT to anyone wanting to look and feel their best selves!
Cherie Hajje
I wish I could give schembri 6 stars World class online pt service The team at schembri pt service was impeccable, from the updated emails, reminders, phone and video consultations and to the easy approach to follow the program and nutrition! I highly recommend there service to any and everyone looking to better their fitness goals!
Pete Anestis
Amazing company with knowledge and results that speak for themselves
Jake Kercher
The ONE AND ONLY! Schembri PT has delivered myself and many others amazing results - you only have to check out their Instagram/Facebook to see the amazing commitment they have to helping all their clients achieve their goals. I have never had results like this before, the only mistake I have made is not starting a program with Schembri PT earlier!
Della Brown
With a wedding approaching and wanting to look my absolute best I was recommended Schembri PT and I can’t highly recommend them enough. The time they take to put together a nutrition and fitness plan to fit individuals goals and lifestyles is just incredible. Marika and Luke along with the Schembri wider community make you feel welcome and are truely honest people. My goals were reached and I couldn’t be happier. Absolute legends.
Sara Santalucia
Nothing but good things to say about Luke and the team at Schembri PT. Friendly, professional guidance with no BS. They cover all aspects of training and fully support your progress and I can’t recommend them highly enough, great people!
Jamie Woods
I have been training with SchembriPT for over 2 years now. I had initially planned on doing 2 rounds of their body revolt program to help me loose some excess weight I had put on. Since I was so happy with the results and support they provided to me, I went on to do a photo shoot prep, a strength building phase, a maintenance phase, post surgery programming and I am now getting ready to start another photo shoot prep. Regardless of what your goals are, they have a program for you. They don’t just give you the plans, but they help keep you on track and accountable through regular check-ins and actually educate you on the what and why you’re doing what you are doing. How good is that?! If you want a trainer who knows their stuff (trust me they have been there, done that!) and that legitimately cares about you, then this is your team.
Sarah Murch
The team at Schembri PT have been nothing short of amazing. Whenever I have a question, Luke is always on hand to answer it, and he has a great team around him that has helped me with my results. Couldn't recommend these guys high enough!
Rob Baker
I’d honestly give Luke and Marika 10 stars if I could. I’ve been working with Luke over the past 4 years through both face to face and online training. He is professional, genuine and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a professionally run personal training service who are known for brilliant results than look no further than Schembri PT!
Candice Poulton
If you want a coach that acknowledges you and knows exactly what your goals are and stays focused on that right through your whole journey, then Marika is the one for you. She's very responsive and always positive. I could not have got this far without her, thanks Marika.. Can't wait to see what the next phase will look like... Highly recommend SchembriPT..
Michelle Gorsevski
I have been with Schembri pt for a few years now and they have helped me through some up and down times to find the best version of myself possible. From getting me in the best mental and physical shape of my life, too also helping me find a balance between my passion and my family. They definitely cater to all needs and have never once let me down in over 3 years. That along with Schembript teams vast knowledge and diversity is why I can’t recommend or thank them enough!
Morgan Ohalloran
I highly recommend Schembri PT to anyone looking for assistance with diet, training, fat loss and/or muscle gain. Luke has helped me get into the best shape I've ever been in. The knowledge these guys have is second to none and to top it off Luke and Marika are great people. Never once felt intimidated, alone or unsure. Even with the initial phone call to Luke when I signed up I never once felt obliged or forced to sign up, Luke simply gave me the info I was after and left it with me to make my own mind up.
Trent Dance
Highly recommend!! I was stuck and my body wouldn’t change, The team at Schembri PT have help me change my body in the right direction and inline with my plans. Luke is a straight up dude and if I have any questions he’s only a quick sms away! Keep What you’re doing guys!
Shane Girdlestone
For the nearly two years I have been part of the Schembri PT program it has been nothing but enjoyable and I have made great progress with both my physique and fitness goals. Not only have I made great improvements physically but I have also gained a lot of self confidence throughout the process. The Team is really easy to work with and was always there to give me guidance and advice, I always look forward to every check in with them and they helped me especially during the tough Melbourne lockdowns. The training plans are always customised to suit my goals and the nutrition plans are never boring and the team always worked around the foods that I preferred which makes it so much easier to stick to the diet. I would highly recommend Schembri PT to anyone who is looking for a coaching service where you get highly personalised programs and the coaches genuinely care about you and you succeeding in whatever fitness related goal you have. Thanks, Tom.
Tom E
SchembriPT has hands down helped me change my life. 14 weeks ago I decided to reach out to Schembri Pt to turn my fitness around. 14.5kg later and not only have I become fitter and leaner but I’ve become smarter inside and outside the gym. I couldn’t recommend Schembri PT enough! The Team has a wealth of knowledge and listens to the feedback given to him. The Schembri team are the most professional people I’ve worked with and always endeavour to help with anything i need. Meal plans are fantastic and tasty, workout plans are motivating and enjoyable. I love that they are very conscious of time away from the gym and life balance! Schembri pt helps take your goals to the next level and helps them fit and stick for long periods. 11 out of 10 best decision I’ve ever made!
Joshua Sippel

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