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Just Get Started For Men


This 4 Week “JUST GET STARTED” Program is an introduction to the Body Revolt Program.  It is all about making a lifestyle change and striving for progression not perfection.  You will receive a customised training plan and nutrition plan from a certified sports nutritionist based on your goals and current lifestyle situation. We will focus on structure and give you the accountability you need while measuring your progress the whole way throughout the 4 weeks.

For a one off payment of $267

  • A weekly check in personalised written feedback to discuss your results, progression and the plan moving forward. This will include specific feedback based on your progress, plus we try to include as much additional information as possible for your own further education to help empower our Members with as much knowledge as possible. You will also receive a personal phone call check in at the end of the 4 weeks.  You will not be disappointed with the results you see in just 4 weeks.
  • A detailed health screen on sign up to assess areas where you can make improvements in your current training and nutritional habits as well as identify any potential health risks for immediate review.
  • A customised training program that will help you to achieve your goals. This program will be designed around your current abilities and time management for the week, directed towards the goals you have identified. This is reviewed at every scheduled check in and a new plan is designed for you every 6 weeks
  • Initial nutritional plans set up by a Sports Nutritionist in our own Schembri PT meal planner. The plan includes meals set out across the day each food item listed along with the macro, and calorie breakdown. In this planner you have the ability to set your own food if you would like to have a flexible diet or a Schembri PT Coach will make up the menu choices for you (based on your preferences). Your nutritional plans and calorie and macro targets are reviewed at each check in
  • Access to our library of over 350 videos from Schembri PT Coaches, Exercise Sports Scientists, Sports Nutritionist and Physiotherapist. These videos include exercise instructional videos plus detailed FAQ videos to cover all aspects of our program in regards to training , nutrition and injury management.
  • Your own personal portal where you can compare your progress photos, measurements and calorie targets as you move through our programs.

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