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10×3 Workout Concept-THE BENEFITS

Most people that body-build are keen on trying out workout routines or programs that will help them build maximum muscle mass. When it comes to reaching this goal, the total training volume is a vital factor, hence the 10×3. While this doesn’t provide optimal strength gain results, it is one of the most effective methods of adding muscle and mass and simultaneously shedding kilos of fat.

However, what if you were told there was a training program that was the most balanced combination of heavy weight loads and high volume training to enhance strength gains and ensure optimal muscle growth? Well this kind of a routine does really exist – it’s called the 10×3 workout program.

What is the 10X3 workout concept?

In this program, you have to pick one compound movement that you want to focus on; pick a weight that’s close to 85 percent of your 1 repetition max and then you do 10 sets, each with 3 reps, with that same weight. The 10×3 workout concept challenges conventional muscle building schools of thought and is proven to be highly effective.

What makes 10X3 unique?

The primary benefit of this training is that it is an excellent combination of heavy weights and optimal training volume that provide strength gains and muscle growth simultaneously. In this program, you use around 80 to 85 percent of your IRM; this, in conjunction with the heavy weights works wonders for the fast-twitch muscle fibres in your body that respond more favourably to heavier weightages rather than lighter ones.

How it matters

  • The fast-twitch muscle fibres in your body tend to grow faster than the slow-twitch fibres; the latter tend to get activated only once you move into much higher repetition ranges.
  • While you are actually performing sets of 3 reps, you are moving significantly more total weight compared to what you would be moving in standard 3X10 routine. Very simply put – training volume equals sets x reps x weight.
  • Keeping in view that you are able to move a considerable amount of weight when you are doing sets of 3 compared to when you are doing sets of 10, this particular program actually allows you far more overall training volume versus what a 3X10 training routine would allow.
  • The heavy weightages offer excellent strength gains and this is what makes the program perfect for performance athletes, since this is a field where your physical capabilities are as important as your appearance. And so, bodybuilders as well as powerlifters can benefit from following the 10X3 workout routine.

What makes this program truly amazing is the act that it’s truly versatile and allows you to cover all bases, irrespective of what your individual strength goal is.

Getting started on 10X3

Pick one exercise and that will be the focus point of the body part you’re training. The focuses should always include weighted dips, bench press, weighted pull-ups, barbell rows, deadlifts and squats. When you implement the 10X3 training routine, you can expect:

  • Strength gains
  • Size gains
  • Overall power gains

When you follow this training program in a concerted manner, you will find that even if you are concerned with getting much stronger, there will be a significant change in your triceps and shoulders, despite using such low repetition ranges. Every person that works out finds himself/herself at a plateau in their training program at some or the other time. Introducing the 10×3 into your routine is an excellent way to shock your muscles out of their reverie.

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  1. Iv been using this program for 6 weeks since hearing about it from a power lifter friend of mine even though I’m training for a bodybuilding goal I’ve noticed massive results in a very short period of time something I’d highly recommend to anyone.

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