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Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights

Over recent times there has been a surge of interest from women getting into various forms of weight lifting. This is due to many reasons, more so the multitude of benefits that come with lifting weights on a regular basis and the myth that they will end up looking like Arnold being consistently debunked.  

But, lets get into why women should lift ‘heavy’ weights. Weights that put you into the 2-6 rep range. Women are selling themselves short if they’re not incorporating some of this type of training into their regular routines. There’s a lot of very strong women out there out lifting a large population of men. 

The volume type of resistance training that is most common is still great, but you are limiting yourself and it can become boring and un-motivating, even wearing you down physically and mentally.  

Lifting heavy weights can be great for body composition, losing fat and getting much stronger all round.  

You’ll be hitting PR’s (Personal Records) like you’ve never hit them before, the 2-6 rep range will build crazy strength much faster than the regular standard volume training. 

This increased strength and personal records will instil a new-found level of confidence in both your life in the gym and outside. Confidence is something we all want but it is extremely important when it comes to progression in the gym, ever notice you can lift more with a spotter even though they didn’t help you lift the weight?? This is due to the confidence that someone is there just in case you need the help.  

Lifting heavy weights will also increase your functional strength, the type of strength required for day to day activities. You may have a physically demanding job which will get easier with strength training, what about one trip from the car to the door with the shopping instead of 4 trips, getting kids and heavy strollers in and out of the car. Just some examples of day to day activities that will come much easier with more physical strength.  

So what exercises should you focus on? 

Multi joint compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, over head press, bentover row. Compliment these exercises with stabilising and accessory movements such as hip thruster, good morning, Romanian deadlifts and lots of core and activation work.  

It is very important that any specific strength training program is periodised and designed by a professional. If you are interested or need help with this just hit up the team at Schembri PT.