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Why Being Busy is no longer a valid Excuse

Being busy has been a long running excuse for many as to why they can’t fit in their training and can’t eat what they should be eating. More people in general are busier than ever these days and ironically more people are undertaking some sort of consistent training routine, making the whole “too busy” excuse even less valid.

So why is it that we are busier as a society but there are more of us exercising?? And why is the “too busy” excuse a lot less valid??

  1. Options – Health and fitness is an ever evolving industry with more and more training options becoming available to us. The more options available the more chance that someone who wouldn’t normally want to go to a gym for example may find a training option that interests them.
    • 24 Hour gyms, work out when it is convenient.
    • Gym Franchises such as F45 (45 minute workouts, done and dusted)
    • Crossfit has become hugely popular and spiked a lot of interest in health and fitness from all walks of life.
    • Powerlifting, once considered something for big dudes with big bellies. There’s more and more females getting into this sport and continues to gain popularity
    • Bootcamps, a lot of these are done in the local park. Particularly good for those who want to take their training outside.
    • Community park runs/walks. Local community members get together to exercise and socialise.
    • Mobile phone apps, there are apps now that will give you daily 10 minute workouts that you can do at home.
    • Plus a heap more….
  2. Awareness and education – Although obesity is at an all time high so is people taking interest in their health and fitness. This is largely due to more awareness and education availability, One of the upsides of social media, there’s a lot of good free information out there giving you the basic tools to get you fitter and healthier.
  3. Convenience – Not only on the exercise front but all so in the field of nutrition, there are so many healthy meal prep options on the market today. You can buy pre-packed low calorie, high protein meals from as little as $6-$7 per meal, a lot less than most fast food meals. It’s not as expensive as everyone portrays to eat healthy.
  4. Motivation and role models – Again, largely thanks to social media platforms. Its gives people a platform to showcase their physical achievements which in turn motivates and gives us an idea of what is achievable. It could be anything from seeing a busy mum with 3 kids completely transforming her physique, to watching a powerlifting, strongman or bodybuilding event and thinking to yourself that this is something you’d love to get involved in.
  5. There’s always someone busier than you – Remember, there’s always someone out there busier than you that still finds the time to make their health and fitness a priority. If they can do it why can’t you??

Some quick tips:

  • Find the time
  • Make the time
  • Less Social media
  • Less Netflix
  • Get up earlier
  • Go to bed later
  • Find something you enjoy. Anything!
  • Just start
  • Get Schembri PT to help you

Don’t Back Down! No Excuses!

Thanks for reading,
Schembri PT Team