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What makes a great online personal trainer

Finding a great online personal trainer can be a tricky task, you’re spending your hard earned money on someone that you hope is going to give the guidance relevant to your goals. Not just a system generated nutrition plan and program.

How do you separate the good from the bad and downright ugly?

You’re going to need to do some research, so here’s what we recommend you look for in an online personal trainer.

  1. Experience.
    Jump on their website, Facebook page, Instagram etc and do a background check on them. How long have they been online coaching, how long have they been personal training, what is their personal fitness background, are they qualified. It is very easy these days with social media to portray a wealth of experience, don’t be fooled. Remember, you can always ask them.
  2. Proven results.
    Check out their transformations page on their website or flick through the pictures on social media. Again, be careful, it’s easy just to recycle the same images and clients to make it seem like they have a large client base all getting incredible results. If they actually do have a genuine client base achieving amazing results it will be very obvious with a little bit of investigation.
  3. Check-ins.
    They should be offering some kind or regular check-in with their online programs, look for online personal trainers that offer check-ins at least every two weeks included in the program. Check-ins are important for accountability, motivation and staying on track.
  4. Community.
    With all of the digital coaching options, online coaching software and social media, it is pretty easy to develop a closed community of clients. The online personal trainers that are doing it well generally have a online community group that you get invited to join when your are a client. These groups are great to be able to chat to other clients, relate to each other’s challenges, motivate each other and just general casual chat.
  5. Options.
    Being able to choose from different online personal training options is really important. Sometimes the only option is an 8 or 12 week program, we don’t always want to commit to a time from of that length. Testing the waters with the new online trainer with a 4 or 6 week program can be a better way to go and it’s not too much of a hit to the hip pocket.

These tips are just a few things to be looking for when you’re in the market for a great online personal trainer. As you can see it just takes a bit of research before making the investment.