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Over 40 and Want to Start Weightlifting? Here are Some Tips

It’s never too late to start focusing on your health and body. You’re not the only one to start at 40. Many men and women start working out at this age because they tend to have more time on their hands to dedicate to their workouts. If you’re committed and take the right steps, you can establish an effective weightlifting routine that won’t cause any injuries or stress to your body. Here are some tips that would help you start weightlifting safely after 40.

#1 Start Slowly with Professional Advice

Weightlifting can be a stressful exercise so you need to start gently and work in stages. This is very important, especially with weight training because the last thing you want is to pull a muscle or strain your back. A professional trainer will guide you through the training and make sure you lift the weights safely and without injuries. Trainers will also ensure you don’t lift more than you can and help you come up with the most effective routine for your current state of health.

#2 Stretch Every Time

You can’t skip stretching, regardless of how impatient or pressed for time you are. Stretching will loosen tight muscles and ensure that you’re flexible enough to lift weights without straining any muscles. You need to include stretching exercises for before and after your weight lifting sessions. Make sure you warm up all of your muscles, especially those that you will be using during your session.

#3 Include Isolation Exercises

Some trainers will recommend that you skip isolation exercises to preserve energy for your weightlifting sessions. That’s not sound advice because experienced trainers insist on isolation exercises, especially for older people. Isolation exercises don’t just help you improve weak muscles, but also help build good control and technique. Training technique is often the biggest hindrance when it comes to weight lifting and better control will help you get better results.

#4 Don’t Over Train

Over training is a common problem with older weight lifters, especially if they’re coming back after a long break from training. While your body is capable and you will reach a point where you can lift heavy weights comfortably, you need to set a slower pace. You should do shorter sessions, manage volume properly, include steady state cardio, and take breaks after high-volume sessions. If you over train, you’ll exhaust your body too much and that would set you back to square one.

#5 Variety is Important

Variation will allow you to focus on different muscle groups and ensure your building is consistent and uniform. If you want to get good results, you also need to exercise from difficult angles and ensure your muscle groups get good stimulation. Variation will also keep your routines interesting and ensure you stay motivated.

#6 Change your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle outside the gym will also have an impact on your ability to lift weights. If you want to build muscles, you must change your diet to supply your body with the appropriate amount of nutrition. You should also keep track of your stress levels and try to maintain a steady and active lifestyle. You’ll see better results with your weight lifting workouts if you sleep well, eat healthy, and include some cardio and flexibility exercises in your daily routine.

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