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The Science Behind Building that Six-Pack You Always Wanted

Most people that are into bodybuilding are also quite obsessed with building their abs and are willing to do just about anything to ensure they are able to flaunt that six-pack. While some try to look for quick methods such as “5-minute abs” or something on those lines, most people are aware that these approaches don’t really work. If they did, everybody would have a washboard tummy.

The other approach is the more difficult approach; and since it’s so difficult, it just has to work. This approach can include a minimum of 60-90 mins of exercise, 6 days each week. But then given the busy and hectic lives that people today lead, most don’t really have the time to spend that much time only on sculpting their abs. So, here is an ab-sculpting program to help you get those washboard abs.

Don’t keep targeting your abs when you want to lose fat

The simple fact is that it can take literally thousands of crunches to burn just a kilo of fat. It’s a very common misunderstanding that doing a lot of abs exercises will automatically make their belly also disappear. The truth is that it’s one of the least effective methods of revealing a six-pack.

Focus on working every single muscle

Muscle is the primary fat burner in your body. They require a lot of energy to contract and that’s exactly how you end up burning calories when you exercise. Unlike activities such as cycling/running, resistance training tends to cause a lot of damage to your muscle fibers which is a very good thing. Post your workout, your body has to spend a certain amount of energy to first repair and then upgrade those fibers.

Even a single, effective weight-training session that targets the muscles in your entire body can easily boost your metabolism for up to two days. This is why you shouldn’t neglect any part of your body when you are working out. In fact, you should double that for your legs; most men tend to ignore their legs or maybe they just train once each week.

Don’t begin your workout by doing crunches

It’s highly possible that regardless of the number of crunches you do, you may still have a weak core; this is very common with many people that train at the gym. True core exercises are very different from sit-ups and crunches, which are classic ab moves. The former train the muscles which prevent the spin from rounding. In addition, they also allow the force to get transferred from the lower body to the upper body & vice versa. A true core exercise trains you to maintain the stability of your spine and helps it stay in its natural alignment.

Start your routine with core exercises

Most people achieve much better results when they include core exercises into the start of their workout routine, instead of towards the end. You are able to achieve the fastest gains when your muscles are fresh and you train your core at that point. If you have a weak core, it will keep you from lifting more weight when you deadlift or squat, or when you do any other any exercise.

If you focus on strengthening your core first, you will eventually be able to lift much heavier weights; this allows you to work even more muscle & burn a larger number of calories. Five minutes of targeted core training is all that’s required to get you started. In addition to all these, keep your body moving, and pack as much of physical work as possible into the time you spend at the gym.

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