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My name is Tim Lloyd, I am a Full-Time Professional Firefighter and Personal Trainer.

I found a passion for fitness when I was roughly 16 years old and since then I have always been heavily involved in the industry. I have been a fully qualified personal trainer for close to 15 years now and have experience in many different areas of training, it is important to me to be versatile in what I can deliver to clients, everybody is different and so are their goals.

I have competed in bodybuilding competitions and played various individual and team sports. Always finding that I enjoy being a trainer more than I do a competitor (probably better at it too). I have been fortunate enough to develop and deliver programs to people from all walks of life, including beginners who just want to be healthier right to experienced athletes looking to achieve a very specific goal.

Working for Schembri PT as a trainer is another opportunity that I am very grateful for. I have known Luke for well over 10 years now, worked with and for him for roughly that same amount of time. We have very similar views and approaches to training and nutrition, there’s nothing gimmicky or fancy behind what we do. The programs we develop are based on years of experience and collaboration between the entire Schembri PT team.

I personally believe that as trainers we have a responsibility to pass on correct and accurate information to clients and unfortunately this is seldom done in this day and age. Providing correct and accurate information This is something we take pride in at Schembri PT.

Helping people and seeing them actually achieve and succeed in their health and fitness journey is the best part of my job. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you on your journey.

I’m always happy to chat whether it be online or in person at one of our muscle camps. Hope to hear from you soon.