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I have been working as a physiotherapist, rehabilitation and performance coach since the end of 2012. I worked in the hospital setting in my first year as a graduate however solely now privately. I have been fortunate to spend time gaining experience overseas in High Performance facilities such as NZ Rowing and Eric Cressy Baseball Facility.

Combining physiotherapy and performance coaching I have been working with athletes of all ages and levels including Olympians. I have worked with a very large variety of sports. I see all types of athletes in the clinic from pro wakeboards, bodybuilders, powerlifters, motor cross riders, rugby athletes to swimmers.

I have presented at fitness expos and was a writer for 2 years in Mens Muscle and Health.

I am a large advocator for the fact you have to walk the talk and understand training and injuries first hand. I have participated in a variety of sports. Competing in physique sports, completing a powerlifting competition and completing a half and full marathon, I understand the training mentality and drive to continual to improve. When we have goals in mind we need to find a way to keep training.



Bachelor of Exercise Science

Masters of Physiotherapy

ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Precision Nutrition Certification