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My name is Nick.

Professionally; I am a former registered Pharmacist (might go back one day), Medicinal Chemist, qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist.

Personally; I am a husband and father of 2 girls, one-time bodybuilding competitor (also, might go back one day) and a health, fitness, nutrition and pharmacology enthusiast. Between my family and work- I try my best to keep myself in some respectable shape and spend- probably too much time- keeping up to date with all current and vanguard pharmacology research through daily perusing of my journal subscriptions.

I started my academic career studying a Bachelor of Human Nutrition circa 2003 as a 19 year old after garnering some related interest when reading some very basic (and probably inaccurate) principles from the print bodybuilding magazines at that time. During my nutrition studies my curriculum touched on some herbal and nutritional therapies which whet my appetite for more comprehensive education. I then concomitantly completed an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, and subsequently a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine (and a Certificate IV in Soft Tissue Therapies). During this study I learnt some very basic pharmacology (mainly self-directed), for which I found most interesting and decided to pursue this further with postgraduate studies, completing a Masters of Pharmacy. In all, this was 7 years of study (including internship) and not one part of it completely planned from the beginning. I have since completed further post graduate education and have aspirations to further my research and complete a PhD- but this will have to wait until my priority (my daughters) get a little older.

I have be somewhat attached to the fitness industry since the early 2000s-contributing to many bodybuilding forums under my ‘avatar’ ‘Furion’ back when these websites were popular and were a very useful (and anonymous) method of exclusive information exchange. Through these mediums I actually had conversed, debated and held comprehensive discussion with many now infamous and established bodybuilding/fitness industry personalities- one of these being Luke Schembri. Many of my contributions and discussions via these platforms have been, and continue to be disseminated in bodybuilding and fitness ‘lore’ for over a decade now. As ‘Furion’ I actually had my services sought for supplement formulation and some of the fruits of my research were brought in as ’first to market’ ingredients through some US-based companies.

My academic and experiential background is unique, and thus the services I can provide to Schembri PT clients are as well. My approach with each client is completely individualized and very comprehensive. I have broad ranging education and experience as a practitioner of numerous disciplines- something for which I feel sets my service apart and delegates most valuable utility.