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Luke Schembri

Luke is a Professional Bodybuilder with 21 years training experience in the gym and someone who has made training with weights a massive part of their adult life.

A former Professional Firefighter in both the Royal Australian Airforce and with the NSW Fire Brigade Luke has had to balance working full time and training at an Elite level for many, many years.

Along the way he has made many alliances with Health Professionals involved in the Fitness Industry and it is these alliances that have allows Schembri PT deliver world class programming backed up by Science with the aim to deliver the most up to date programming available.

Luke’s training motto is simple “Progress not perfection” and firmly believes that we are only ever in control of the present moment right now and this is all we need to concentrate on if we are looking to make significant life changes in our health and fitness in the long term.

After battling a severer back injury attempting a rescue at a high speed truck accident in 2015, Luke was medically retired from his Profession as a Firefighter and has been working ever since to making a full return to the Professional Bodybuilding stage in the near future.

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