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James Dries

Like most, I have had a keen interest in sports since a young age and mostly competed in Rugby League and Boxing as an adult. My experience with resistance training began in 2000 with the goal of adding some lean muscle mass to assist my performance in Rugby League. I achieved great results in a short period which kick-started my interest in learning more about resistance training and human physiological responses to exercise. Whilst not a competitive lifter, I also have a passion for Weightlifting (Olympic lifts) and have been coached by former 4X Australian Olympic and Commonwealth games coach, Luca Borreggine.

In 2003 Luke Schembri and I joined FRNSW around the same time and were subsequently stationed together at Parramatta for 3 years. Through our passion for resistance training and sports, Luke and I became close friends and were regular gym partners during the infancy of Luke’s bodybuilding career. However, I was playing League at the time and shifted my resistance training focus towards speed, power and strength development at the time Luke became very committed to pursuing success in bodybuilding.

My desire to improve my own athleticism saw me initially complete a Certificate IV in Fitness before going on to complete a Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sports Science. Along the way I also completed an Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) Professional Coach qualification and an Australian Weightlifting Federation (AWF) State Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach qualification. Recently I have completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biochemistry and Biotechnology (think molecular biology) which along with biochemistry, had a heavy focus on chemistry, genetics, bioinformatics, nutrition, immunology, endocrinology and pharmacology. I am currently undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Sports Medicine and a Grad. Cert. in Biomedical Science. In 2020 I will begin a higher research degree in the field of Exercise and Sport Molecular Biology.

As a S&C coach I have contributed in the developmental process of numerous current NRL players and have worked with (and been coached by) current NRL assistant coaches and gained much invaluable experience doing so. I am also casually employed by a University, teaching various aspects of an Exercise and Sports Science program.

I have a keen interest in the bioenergetics of exercise and sport, as well as the underlying biochemical, genetic and physiological mechanisms that are responsible for sub-cellular adaptations to exercise. Additionally, I have a passion for injury prevention, rehabilitation and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Too often people conflate health and aesthetic outcomes, believing the two are always synonymous. In the process of striving to achieve aesthetic goals, people often neglect their health and assume a lean physique equates to a healthy body and mind.

I contribute to Schembri PT mostly as an advisor in training program design, nutrition, human movement, education, and all things relating to the science of health and fitness. I have developed many training programs for Schembri PT clients ranging from novice lifters through to high-performance athletes. With my well-developed understanding of biomechanics and current foray into the field of Sports Medicine, I also offer my services to Schembri PT members in the prevention of, and rehabilitation from, injury.

Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
  • Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry/Biotechnology)
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Professional Coach
  • Australian Weightlifting State Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach (Level 2)
  • Accredited Exercise Scientist (Exercise and Sports Science Australia)
  • Sports Medicine Australia Level 1 Sports Trainer

Continuing Education:

  • Currently studying Sports Medicine (Grad. Cert)
  • Currently studying Biomedical Science (Grad. Cert)

Strength and Conditioning Experience:

I have worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for:

  • Sydney Roosters Juniors (2010-2011)
  • Parramatta Eels Juniors (2011-2015)
  • Wentworthville Magpies RLFC – NSW Cup, RM Cup, Sydney Shield (2010-2015)
  • Macquarie Scorpions RLFC (2016 – present)
  • Newcastle Rebels RL Representative Team in County Championships (2017)
  • Assisted in the coaching of Weightlifting athletes at the States Sports Centre in Homebush
  • Various athletes involved in numerous other sports, including boxers, martial artists, Soccer, Rugby Union, Netball, etc.