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Daniel Repeti Photography / Video – Sydney based photographer and film maker with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at the National Art of Sydney. Accomplished media, photography, visual arts and film studies teacher at the Nirimba Education Precinct of NSW.

For the past 11 eleven years I’ve specialised in the fitness, bodybuilding and corperate industry developing and refining my practice as a photographer allowing me to develop and capture various content for people across the globe.

Formally qualified in the field of studio, location and commercial based photography and video, my work ultimately is defined by the detail and quality of the images created. I provide content that is affordable and accessible for various advertising platforms and social media content.

Nearly 80% of my photographs have landed competitors a sponsorship contract. Relative to the specific needs of the growing fitness industry I’ve directed and produced various photographic content and articles for sort out magazines such as Muscular Development Australia, FLEX Magazine, Max’s Magazine and Muscle Mag. Along with cooperate products, merchandise, commercial fitness, online coaching and various supplement companies across Australia.