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Some Quick Tips For Packing on as Much Lean Mass as Possible

#1 Training frequency – there are no set rules for this!!

However as a basic way to measure how many times a week that I like to tell people to lift in the gym then I always recommend
4 sessions per week for beginners to get into the gym and training with weights
5 sessions per week for advanced lifters looking to grow lean mass
6 times per week for the most experienced and serious trainers looking to achieve the maximum amount of lean muscle mass possible

#2 Training duration – how long is a piece of string??

The main focus needs to be just getting the job done!
If you were to train with a high intensity low rest training style program then you could train 2 body parts effectively in no more than 60 minutes.
Aiming for strength and improving your big compound lifts then you may need more rest in between sets and a few big compound exercises may take well over an hour.

#3 Calories In VS Calories Out – which way to go??

As an extremely basic rule to follow if you consume more calories then you use for the day then over time the scale weight you see will go up.
If you take in less calories then you consume then over time the scale weight will go down.
This is just bodyweight however and does not give you a good indication of your current body composition and its changes.
As a general rule if we are trying to increase lean muscle mass then we need to be in a surplus however it is still possible to grow lean tissue when in a deficit if your body fat levels are high and can be are utilized for extra energy requirements

#4 What macro breakdown should I be aiming for?

There is no one single answer for this and it will be determined by your end goal.
If someone is looking to put on the maximum amount of muscle mass then a high protein diet is essential.
Even for someone looking to reduce body fat and maintain or even grow lean muscle then it is a must to have a higher protein diet.
2 grams per kilo of bodyweight is the absolute minimum for a male and can potentially run as high as 3-4 grams under the right circumstances
For a Female then 1.5grams per kilo of bodyweight is a good starting point but it can also rise above 2grams
When it comes to Carbohydrates and fats then the important thing is to remember your overall caloric needs in determining how much of each and will be dictated to by your end goal in what you want to achieve

#5 Rest and recovery

For most people “overtraining” is a myth that most people with never encounter.
However if we are trying to balance a family, work life, gym time, and food prep then we need to consider our rest and recovery time.
If we are constantly missing out on sleep, if we are always stressed with work and if we don’t make time to relax with loved ones then over time all of these factors will combine to inhibit muscle growth in the long term by reducing our bodies ability to recover and to also weaken our immune system and really increase our chances of getting sick and injured.
Balance is the key and it cannot be under estimated in its job in helping us to grow lean muscle mass.

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