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Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is an area that can get very controversial and confusing, I don’t think there is much else out there where you will find such a wide variety of opinions. Even academic studies can quite often contradict each other. Many so called experts mostly use confirmation bias to prove their point which is why, for most people it is very difficult to know what information is correct.

For the most part when people look for nutrition plans they are looking to reduce bodyfat, improve body composition and maintain or increase lean muscle mass.

How do we do that??

Well ask most trainers the simple answer will usually be a variation of calories in vs calories out. Meaning if you want to lose bodyfat you need to consume less calories than what you are burning on a daily basis and if you want to increase weight you need eat more calories than what you are burning on a daily basis.

Simple right?

It should be if it weren’t for the fact we are all different, the math is correct but how we get to the solution can be very different depending on our individual requirements.

I know for myself that I need to eat a high protein, moderate fat and low carbohydrate diet to reduce my bodyfat. Others may need moderate protein, high carb and low fat to achieve the same outcome. Then there are people with food allergies and intolerances that want to be able to lose fat, or increase muscle but can only eat certain foods.

Unfortunately when it comes to nutritional plans it can’t be approached with a one size fits all way of eating.

Don’t get me wrong, for most people we could give them a high protein, moderate fat and low carbohydrate nutritional plan and if followed correctly they would all see results. Most likely different results.

But the question should be is that nutritional plan ‘Optimal’ for that person. Yeah they achieved results but could they be better? That client may benefit from a different approach like carbohydrate cycling or keto style nutritional planning.

This is why online coaches, and personal trainers need to personalise every nutritional plan. When ever you sign up to an online training and nutritional program there should be an in-depth client screening form to complete which highlights any issues you may have including allergies, intolerances, eating habits, what you like and dislike.

If you don’t fill out something that resembles a client screening questionnaire and you still receive your training and nutrition program I can confidently say that it is as generic as they come.