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Your mindset is your state of mind that is fixed on reaching certain outcomes, creating a sense of momentum towards reaching them by giving you a powerful incentive to do whatever it takes.

In other words, if you have a millionaire mindset, your mind is fixed on creating the million dollars and it will allow you to focus and take whatever action necessary to get that million dollars. It is regarded as the secret to success by many who have it.

This can be related to anything you want to achieve in life.

Physical change starts with mental change. At some stage in our lives all of us will hit a point where we want to change ourselves physically and for many this will be the case multiple times throughout their life. The success of the physical change regardless on the goal solely relies on a shift in mind set.

The people who succeed in achieving the desired goal have first put themselves into the correct mental state, if you fail in this area you’re setting yourself up to fail the end goal.

The biggest tell tail sign of the wrong mindset is excuses, instead of finding the solution to the problem we use it as way out. Guess what? No-one cares about our excuses so we’re only holding ourselves back from achieving. For every excuse made there is someone out there finding a way around the very obstacle we’re making the excuse about. If we are truly serious about the goal/s we have set obstacles won’t have time to turn into excuses.

For the majority who are looking to make a physical change it mostly starts out as something that they are interested in doing or think it’s a good idea to make a change. This is all well and good until it becomes inconvenient, when it becomes inconvenient only the committed will see it to the end while the rest drop off until it becomes convenient again. This is the difference between “interest” and “commitment”.

It can be a big thing for some to actually commit to something, especially something they have never attempted before. There’s going to be challenges, hurdles and roadblocks that have never been faced before and this where we are most likely to come off the rails. This is where the focus on mindset should be at its highest, it’s the only thing that going to keep you on track.

So how do top athletes, business people, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and the like achieve such success? It’s not luck that’s for sure, it’s hard work, determination, commitment, discipline, sacrifice and MINDSET.

Don’t be scared to fail, if we didn’t fail we’d never learn. It’s what you do with the failure that count, successful people use failures as an opportunity to grow when the rest see failures as a limitation of abilities.

How to create the right mindset – next time.

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