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Dips Can Be Effective If You Do Them the Right Way

When you choose an exercise technique, you pick something that will provide the best results, promote healthy muscle growth, and is safe to perform. What most people don’t realise is that all exercises have the potential to cause injuries and strain if they’re not performed properly. Dips are no exception to this rule. This form of exercise is unfairly labelled a “shoulder killer” because it can cause a lot of damage to the shoulders if it’s not done properly.

Why Should You Include Dips in Your Workout Routine?

Dips have a number of benefits that make this exercise a great addition to anyone’s routine. It’s considered one of the best chest exercises you can do and offers benefits even if you perform it with a trainer’s assistance. Here are some of the best advantages of incorporating dips in your workout routine:

Upper Body Mass

As mentioned above, dips is a chest exercise so it will help you build upper body mass. This is because dips initiate a cycle of body building, especially if you have a proper muscle-building diet. The dips will overload your upper body muscles and cause them to build up strong. That combined with a proper diet will increase your muscle weight and add more challenge to your dips. This cycle continues and that will help you build more muscles gradually.

You Can Add More Weight Easily

You will get accustomed to your own body weight quickly through dips but you don’t need to stop there. You can add weight to your body by hanging them from your waist with the help of a dip belt. That will increase the challenge and intensity of your exercise and make it more effective.

Dips are Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises

This means you move your body while your hands or feet are in a locked position. When you perform dips, you work opposing muscle groups by lifting and lowering your body, which is a very effective way to build muscles quickly.

How to Perform Dips Effectively?

You need to pay keen attention to your form when you perform dips because you can injure your shoulder if you don’t. If you experience any pain in your shoulder after you perform this exercise, examine your form or get your shoulders assessed. Sometimes, an underlying weakness in the shoulders can be a cause of that pain. The steps mentioned below will help you get into proper form:


Grab the bars securely and make sure you have a good grip before you jump up. Carefully balance your body on the bar and lock your elbows to stay upright.


Once you have a secure hold and are confident, bend your arms to lower your body. You need to lean your torso forward a little to maintain comfortable balance.

Break Parallel

Move down until your elbows are above your shoulders and your body is low.

Lift Up

Move your body back to the starting position carefully by adding strength to your arms and being firm.


Move your body up and balance yourself on the bar with your shoulders directly above your hands. You should lock your elbows at stay in that position for a few breaths.

You should consider hiring a professional trainer to help you master the dip form before you incorporate it into your routine.

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