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Essentials of Building a Robust Workout Program

There’s no one-size fits all when it comes to working out. Some people can handle high-intensity work outs and slow and easy exercises don’t work for them. Others are beginners and need something that would challenge their body without injuring it.

A good workout program will help you shed weight, force you to work hard, strengthen your body without causing any damage or permanent injuries. A professional trainer can help you create the best routine for you, but there are some essentials to building a robust workout program.

#1 Determine How Much Time You Have

This is actually one of the most important factors to consider before you create an exercise routine. If you have a very busy professional and personal life, you should calculate how much time you can spare for your gym routine and plan your program according to that. For example, if you can only reasonably spend 30 to 45 minutes every day on exercise, plan a routine that won’t strength beyond that 30 to 45 minute mark. Many plan for 60 to 90 minute long programs and simply don’t find the time to exercise. You will only reach your fitness goals if you’re consistent.

#2 What Exercises Should You Include in Your Routine?

There are so many options available to you that it can be confusing to choose the right exercises for your routine. You can simplify the planning process if you plan for muscle groups rather than focus on the effectiveness of the exercise. There are 5 groups you must target in your routine and they include:

  • Core
  • Back, forearms, and biceps
  • Chest, shoulders, and triceps
  • Hamstrings and buttocks
  • Quads

If you choose one exercise to target one group, you can develop a routine with only five exercises that can be done quickly and effectively. You’ll reach your goals quicker if you have a simple and effective workout routine.

#3 Factor in Warm-ups

No exercise program is complete without warm-ups. Even a simple run around the park requires warm-ups. These light exercises will remove stiffness from your body and get it ready for more intense and high-impact routines. You need to set aside 5 to 10 minutes just for your warm-up and choose stretches that will loosen the body without straining it. You can borrow postures or stretches from yoga or tai chi for this purpose.

#4 Add Variation

A consistent work-out routine with the same exercises will eventually take you to a plateau and make it harder for you to reach your fitness goals. One of the best ways to avoid this is to add variation to your routine and change things regularly. This will also help you stay interested and motivated during your workout. Alternate between different exercises on different days to ensure your body doesn’t get accustomed to one form of movement.

#5 Rest is Important

People believe that they can reach their fitness goals faster if they head for the gym every day. Experts disagree and recommend that you allow your body to rest and recover from intense exercises for anywhere between 48 to 72 hours. You can work out every Monday-Wednesday-Friday or follow a similar schedule based on your personal and professional commitments. You’ll still reach your fitness goals without straining your body or risking injury.

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