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Different Types Of Pull-Ups To Include In Your Weekly Workouts

Most experts agree that people who exercise regularly require variation in their routines. This keeps the routine interesting and ensures they stay motivated. Variation will also ensure that you don’t strain your muscles due to overuse. There are different types of pull-ups you can include in your weekly workout routine to keep things interesting and exercise. Here are some suggestions that can help:

#1 Weighted

After you’ve mastered the regular pull-up and can perform 10 of them in a row, you should consider adding a new challenge to your routine. The weighted pull-up is one of the best ways to do this. You can tie a comfortable weight to your waist and perform pull-ups as you normally would. This added challenge will help you intensify your training. You can add heavier weights when you get accustomed to the exercise.

#2 Muscle Ups

This is a very difficult exercise to accomplish because you need to pull your entire torso over the bar. That requires strength, effort, and energy as your arms must be completely straight when you reach the finish position. However, this exercise is very intense and just a few reps with offer rich rewards. You will eventually become more accustomed to the pull-up routine so don’t let the initial difficulty discourage you.

#3 Clapping Pull-Ups

This exercise can be quite risky if you don’t focus and be careful of your timing. During this exercise, you need to build-up momentum until you can safely throw yourself upward and let the bars go for a moment to clap. If you time things correctly and build up enough momentum, you should have enough time to clap and then grab the bar, and come back down safely.

#4 One-Arm Pull-Up

If you’re too intimidated by the clapping pull-up, try the one-arm pull-up with the other arm acting as support. All you need to do is grab the bar securely and grab your forearm with your free hand. This will support you as you pull yourself up. You can have someone on standby to ensure you don’t fall. A single arm pull-up without the assist from the other arm can be incredibly strenuous so it’s better not to attempt it unless your other arm is supporting the load bearing arm.

#5 Wide Grip

This exercise will help you develop the lat muscles and sculpt out the v-muscles in your back. If the grab bars are spaced wider apart, you have less leverage and the exercise becomes much more challenging. A narrower grip is easy because you have more leverage and don’t have to strain your back muscles as much.

#6 Chin-Up

Chin-ups are easier to do than the other exercises mentioned on this list. This workout will engage your biceps and the lower regions of your lat muscles. If you want to take it easily for the day but still want a good workout, you can use chin-ups. You need to use the underhand grip to grab the bar and pull yourself up, which reduces the amount of leverage you have. This is still a reasonably difficult exercise so it’s good for slow days.

You should always be careful when you add a new exercise to your routine. Some people don’t take time to understand the exercise well and know the correct positions. That can lead to injury and muscle strain.

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