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Diet Vs. Diet Part 2

What is IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros)??

A basic explanation of IIFYM is working out your daily caloric requirements, then working out the ratio of macronutrients Protein:Fats:Carbs you are aiming for and then being flexible in what you eat to reach your caloric goals and macro ratio. As long as you reach the required numbers by the end of the day, in general you have achieved the theory behind IIFYM.

There are many fitness personalities/experts that have been highlighted as innovators in the area of Flexible Dieting, most likely because it works really well for them and is an optimal choice, for others it may be carb cycling, keto, Nutrient timing etc..

Why is IIFYM so popular??

Options! It gives people more options with foods they can eat. With IIFYM you can essentially eat any or most foods. You’re aiming for a macronutrient target without a huge amount of concern in how you get there. I am in no way saying you could just eat a large pizza and a bottle of soft drink at lunch time and be done with it, there would be a multitude of downsides to doing that. But, Say you eat very well during the day, eaten all your meals but for some reason you haven’t quite hit your fat and carb target, you could chuck in some of your favourite ice cream and fruit at the end of the day. Some people just need that night time chocolate, with IIFYM you can work this into your macro requirements for the day.

Dieting doesn’t have to be boring, there are a lot more foods available to eat with IIFYM and can either be worked in to your usual daily requirements of you can make it up as you go which helps when you have functions, events or busy work days, all you need is a macro tracking app.

IIFYM is also a great way to give new people a starting point, diets often fail because foods are restricted too fast and too soon. IIFYM can give direction to new dieters and outline some beginning baby steps. By saying “you can still eat this at night or have this for breakfast as long as the rest of the day looks like this” new trainers go into dieting with a bit more confidence and are more likely to stick to it longer term.

Just like most diets, IIFYM will work but the question being is it optimal for YOU!? Everyone is different and everyone will respond differently depending on their training and dieting option they choose from.

It’s Trial and Error, do your research and if you need help and direction just hit up the team at Schembri PT


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