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Gym memberships, training clothes, protein shakes, pre workouts…… trying to get in shape sure can be expensive. Its no wonder people are hesitant to spend any more money on Personal Training services on top of that.

I mean really is having a personal trainer like a fashion statement to try and “fit in” than something that is worthwhile and will actually provide some sort of benefit?

Well you may be surprised at just what a GOOD Personal Trainer can actually do to help you achieve your desired results and help you to stay on track as you strive to achieve them.

The first job a personal trainer should be helping you with is to identify your desired fitness goals. This isn’t as easy as it may seem!! Everyone has their own idea of the goals they would like to achieve however depending on the amount of time and effort people can commit to, these goals may not be realistic in the short term. A good personal trainer will help to set up your fitness plan so that your goals can be broken down into manageable bite sided chunks keeping in mind your long term goals. Short-term goals are just as important as the long term ones and achieving these short-term goals helps to keep you focused whilst at the same time allowing you to easily monitor your progression.

The next job a GOOD personal trainer will be to design a fitness plan tailored to achieving your goals. This fitness plan should take into consideration your training background, any injuries you may have, the amount of time you can dedicate to your fitness plan and also the time frame you wish to try and achieve your goals in. This plan should overall be challenging but achievable, it is not designed to try and break you however it will definitely test you. It should also be technically sound and have correct exercise prescription. A good personal trainer will be very knowledgeable in the exercises they have chosen and should be very proficient in performing these exercises themselves. The fitness plan should be at all times in line with the fitness goals you have agreed to.

Finally, a good personal trainer should be a good motivator and help you to stay 100% focused and on track with the plans you have put in place together. This is the one area most people starting a new program struggle with. The motivation and focus to stay on track with your plan no matter what outside distractions or possible excuses may arise. A good PT will be very familiar with the potential problems that can stop clients from reaching their goals and will have a number of strategies in place to ensure that the program is not affected. A good plan set in place from the start and agreed to by a client is the best way to ensure that motivation stays high throughout the training together.

So although using the services of a Personal Trainer may at first seem like another expense on the already high list of outgoings when it comes to staying fit and healthy, hiring an experienced Personal Trainer may actually be some of the most cost effective money that can be spent when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.