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The Best Way to Balance Your Strength and Cardio Workouts to Get the Most Benefits

Anyone that aims for a well-built body also wants to ensure that they follow a well-balanced exercise routine that includes flexibility, cardio and strength training etc. However, most people lead very busy lives and find it very difficult to include all these activities into their routine.

It’s also why many people wonder whether it’s alright to do these workouts in combination to save them time and to get all the benefits they want. It’s definitely something you can do, but you have to ensure that whatever routine you follow is right in line with your goals.

What the experts say

Most experts recommend that strength training and cardio exercises should be kept separate as this helps you fully-focus on each type of training and derive optimal benefits from both. Some trainers are of the opinion that when you combine both these workouts, the one that’s second in line suffers a little as you use up a larger portion of your energy at the start of your session.

If your ultimate goal is to become a hardcore bodybuilder, then this is something you would have to consider a little more carefully. However, if your goal is to build a certain amount of lean muscle and maintain your flexibility and stamina, you can safely incorporate your cardio workout and strength training into a single workout; you don’t have to be overtly stringent with your workout schedule.

The manner in which you set up your workout routine will largely be dependent on your daily schedule rather than anything else. Most people find that if they want to get in all the different training each week, the only way to manage it is to combine the workouts.

Tips to get the best benefits

The best way to keep workout boredom at bay and to keep your body guessing is to mix things up a bit in your daily routine. Here are some ideas to how you can set up your strength and cardio workouts to get the best benefits.

Include strength & cardio on alternate days

When you choose this option, you might end-up exercising much more frequently in order to fit in all the workouts. However, you will be able to focus on each workout in a much better way.

Strength & cardio at different times on a single day

You could start off the day with a cardio, and schedule your total strength workout in the afternoon or late evening. This kind of routine helps your body rest before moving onto the 2nd activity. The only disadvantage of this routine is that you have to work out twice every day; and it isn’t suitable for those who don’t have the time.

Follow a combination routine

Don’t restrict yourself to following the same routine every single day. If you find that you are strapped for time one particular week, you can combine your routine. On the other hand, if you find that you have much more time during a particular week, you can separate the workouts and alternate them each day. The key to an optimum workout is to be creative and flexible with the things you do.

Include circuit training

If you are short on time, you should simply do strength & cardio circuits; these help you burn more calories and build strength too. This kind of a work out is also found to be very beneficial in reducing belly fat much faster than cardio alone.

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