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Is There Such a Concept of the Best Time for a Bodybuilding Workout?

It’s very common for bodybuilders to ask what the best time for a bodybuilding workout is. Unfortunately, this question gets answered in many different ways, depending on who is answering it. Today, we will give you some specific guidelines that will help you determine what time will work best for you. If we had to answer this question in a single, simple sentence – The best time to workout is the time that’s most convenient for you.

We know this answer sounds a little too simple, but it’s a true and practical statement. It’s not necessary to over-complicate matters. We recommend that if you are on a steady work schedule, decide whether you prefer to workout in the morning (before heading to work), or later in the evening (when you get back from work). If you are able to, a morning workout is better in that you get a good metabolic boost from it.

However, the vital thing to keep in mind is that you choose a time that will permit you to work out consistently. If you feel that you lack the motivation, then try to get someone to workout with you. The person should make it a point to meet you at the same time every day at the gym and should have the same goals as you.

Some things to keep in view

Having said that, there are certain times at which you can get the best and faster results as well as a few benefits, based on your body type. Take a look at what these are:

  • If you are naturally a hard-gainer (skinny person), you will benefit more from an afternoon workout session. This is because you are able to get at least a couple of meals into your system by then; it increases your stored carbohydrate (glycogen) levels. This way, when you do hit the weights, you will find that you are able to workout more effectively since your glycogen levels will be higher.
  • In case you have a slower mechanism, then it’s best that you train in the morning. Your glycogen levels will be much lower at that time of the day and this makes your body rely much more heavily on your stored body fat for energy.

While these are the ideal workout timings, there is no need to worry if you are unable to adhere to these schedules. It’s far more important to be consistent with your workout if you want to get better results.

Rules for fitness/figure athletes or bodybuilders

If you compete, you would have to factor in at least a few workout sessions into your day. If you are a competitor, follow a cardio routine the first thing in the morning; this speeds up the fat burning process and then follow it up with weight training at noon or even later in the afternoon. This will help you get 2 metabolic boosts. While you maintain this routine, ensure that you keep your entire workout timing short as this will help preserve muscle mass.

The routine for those on rotating/night shifts

If you work on rotating shifts, and if you get your work schedule at least a week in advance, make it a point to program the workout week then. If you work nights, the same rule would apply and you would need to identify whether it’s more convenient to workout before/after work.

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