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Scott Goble is a lifetime member of the fitness enthusiast club. Having discovered weight training and bodybuilding when he was 14, he directed his school work and ultimately his university education to allow him to learn as much about his passion as possible.

Having graduated from university with a degree in Human Movement/Exercise Science, he went into the workforce in various roles within the fitness industry…..and never lasting more than two years in any one of them! Managing gyms, managing supplement stores, sales repping gym equipment, sales repping supplements etc. Throughout this entire time he did some personal training work on the side, but it became apparent that was where his true passion lied and he has made it his full time profession for the past 8 years.

As a competitive bodybuilder Scott competed at a high level, ultimately winning 4 Open Mr Australia titles and now finds himself coaching bodybuilders of the highest level, as well as those that just want to improve their health and body composition.

It is Scott’s belief that absolutely everyone can improve their appearance and health through strategic exercise and dietary intervention. To him each person represents a different physiological and psychological problem solving exercise and finding the right approach for each person is a genuinely exciting and fulfilling process. The changing of peoples lives for the better has seen him commit to ongoing learning and lead him to a profession that he hopes he will be involved in for the rest of his life.