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Schembri PT is not just another online Personal Training brand looking to make a quick buck in the online space. Our vision is to provide the best online personal training experience.  Schembri PT delivers one of the best personal training experience available on ‘your’ mobile device through results, customer service and alliances with industry professionals.

Schembri PT was born out of necessity as there was a very big gap in the online personal training experience when it comes to not just members results but also when it comes to customer service standards.

We aim to deliver the best online personal training experience. SchembriPT deliver the results that our members are looking for with programming that is both maintainable and sustainable in the long term which is also enjoyable. Programs are completely customised around our individual clients needs. We have built a team at Schembri PT and a network we can call upon if needed this goes far beyond the services of an everyday personal trainer.  We have built an online community and we are aiming to change peoples lives through improvements in their physical, mental health and fitness for the long term.

Our network of Professionals that we regularly access for our clients include Exercise Sport Scientists, Physiotherapists, Medicinal Chemists and even the help of a Psychologist to ensure that not only are you getting the best service but also so that you are receiving the right advice from Qualified Professionals. We are proud of the Team we have built and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our service by staying up to date with the latest advancements in technology to ensure we are always delivering the best online personal training experience possible.

Our philosophy when it comes to smashing your goals is “Don’t Back Down” and we live by the code of “RESPECT” for everyone on our team and at all times. We believe it is important to keep striving for your goals no matter what obstacles get thrown in your way and also, we always make sure we practice Respect for ourselves and the other members on our team.

Luke and Marika have over 38 years combined experience in the Fitness Industry and have both earned Professional Athletes status themselves through the IFBB Pro League.  

Luke Schembri

Luke is a Professional Bodybuilder with 25 years training experience in the gym and someone who has made training with weights a massive part of their adult life. A former Professional Firefighter in both the Royal Australian Airforce and with the NSW Fire Brigade Luke has had to balance working full time and training at an Elite level for many, many years.

Along the way he has made many alliances with Health Professionals involved in the Fitness Industry and it is these alliances that have allowed Schembri PT to deliver world class programming backed up by Science. The ultimate aim is to deliver the most up to date programming available.

Luke’s training motto is simple “Progress not perfection” and firmly believes that we are only ever in control of the present moment right now and this is all we need to concentrate on if we are looking to make significant life changes in our health and fitness in the long term.

After battling a severe back injury attempting a rescue at a high speed truck accident in 2015, Luke was medically retired from his Profession as a Firefighter and has now transitioned from the “Traditional Bodybuilding” style of training to a more Functional Performance based training regime. This allows him to run around with his kids and “attempt” to surf.

Marika Magriplis

Marika is a Professional Bikini Athlete who has been training in the gym for 13 years.  Marika comes from a Media and Marketing background having gained 10 years’ experience in the corporate industry.

As an Athlete, Business Owner and Mother of two young children she realises that life has many challenges and obstacles that can at times prevent us all from living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Life can throw us all curveballs however it is at these times she has found her training to really help her to de-stress and cope with her ever changing lifestyle.   Becoming a Mother made it easy for Marika to understand how to modify her training and nutrition and still get the results she was after without sacrificing too much time away from family or the enjoyment of food. 

She now helps many other Australians, from all walks of life to do the same- “create a sustainable and maintainable lifestyle change to lead a healthier happier life”.